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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

kamikaze @ 11:03 PM

i don't feel like writing much about my trip.
just because.

when we get home;
i know we won't be home at all.


there wasn't enough time though.
i couldn't meet half the people i was dying to.
to these people, i'd like to present a heartfelt apology and reiteration that i do love you, from the bottom of my heart, but please, it really isn't my fault that one day only has 24 hours, and that i lack a driver.
i really am sorry, you have no idea how much i was dying to meet you guys.

thing is:
i won't be coming back to malaysia for maybe, another year and a half?
if i do get into a university in the UK, then i'll be able to spend a month in KL.
otherwise, no game.

got most of the stuff i wanted as well.
only a few more things left to shop for here.
  1. bras and underwear. bras because they don't have my bloody cup size in m'sia, and underwear because i refuse to wear anything other than bonds. damn you kiran.
  2. leather jacket. more people wear these in australia anyway. and couldn't find a proper one in kl.
  3. dress. because they don't have cue in malaysia.

i suppose now would also be a good time to talk about the new year and all that.

but i don't want to.

because i feel like being disagreeable and angry right now.

2009 will be my eighteenth year, i'll be legal and all that schizzamadiz, its my last year of school, the most important year.

yes, tell me something i don't know.

does it matter anyway?

i'll just go on and pretend 2008 never happened.


Monday, December 15, 2008

hope springs eternal. @ 3:07 PM

Tasha lied.
she hasn't posted her pretties list up yet!
thanks for crushing my hopes of eyecandy ):

I have so much to do, so little time!
my sketchy plan for the week is:

moving into the Boulevard hotel for three days.
meeting Azam, and possibly Banun if she decides to turn up, for lunch.

Tasha, Neesha, Li-Wei, Kerk Wen, Paik Hwa!
going to watch twilight.
going shoe shopping.
basically lepaking as I haven't done in a year.
being downright annoyingly australian as I can to random people.

going to be plague by that disease I call my best friends again.
do I even have to list what we're going to do?
hopefully I'll get to see Poovan later.

I'll get to see Pam again (:

its looking like a fairly good, unproductive week.
just how I like it.
because my mother has forced me to do five hours of study today.
its pretty harsh, considering the fact that I'm on holiday.
but at least the rest of the week will be spent on superficial things like popping saliva bubbles at cashiers.

thats the fun and good stuff and all that.
but coming back;
I suddenly feel out of place.

and when we get home,
I know we won't be home at all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

throw out all the blues. @ 4:22 PM

I'll be in Malaysia.

How exciting is that?

Anyway, since I wrote a post reviewing two books yesterday, I've decided to do today's one on music.
Recent additions to my iPod include artistes such as Emilie Autumn, Crystal Castles, Coheed & Cambria, Van Atta High, I Set My Friends on Fire, I Am Ghost, Butch Walker, The Arcade Fire, Brokencyde, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Voxtrot.

Noteworthy soundtracks include the Skins Soundtrack.
If you watch Skins (and know what a fantastic series it is), you'd understand what sort of soundtrack it needs: mellow, yet catchy, more indie and snappy teenage at times, but very slow and soft at others.
The soundtrack provides exactly that sort of atmosphere at the neediest times.
My favourite tracks would have to be:

Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming.
(rather meaningless, but has an infectious intro and the verses just make you want to snap and sing along.)

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night.
(C'mon. Its the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. That kind of says it all.)

Mike Bailey - Wild World.
(Mike Bailey plays Sid on the show, and covers this Cat Stevens song. I never realised that Sid could sing! Slow, soft, and poignant, this sums up Sid and Michelle's relationship in three minutes.)

A soundtrack that I felt only lukewarm about was Twilight.
I expected something I bit more, well, for a lack of words, vampire-ish, shall we say?
Music that sends a chill up your spine, makes you glance back over your shoulder, gives you that creeping feeling reminiscent of Thriller.
But no.

Paramore's recordings of Decode and I Caught Myself were excellent, the usual quality you'd expect from Williams and the Farros.
I didn't think that the songs suited the movie, but by themselves, far from disappointing.
However, I must admit that Paramore is quite dead to Tasha, Neesha and I, for reasons only kampung girls and their grandmothers know.
Besides Paramore, the other track that I enjoyed was Bella's Lullaby.
I liked the instrumental very much.
I also kept Collective Soul's Tremble For My Beloved on repeat.
Like the Paramore tracks, this one was a standalone hit on my playlist.
I, however, really found Robert Pattinson's Never Think quite abhorrent.
The dude should stick to acting.

Note: I did not let my distaste for the books influence judgement on the music or movie. They are entirely separate.
The books are dirt, like I've mentioned before.
But the acting doesn't seem bad and I'm looking forward to the special effects in the movie.

To my Malaysian friends, one last word.
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

le-le-low. @ 6:31 PM

days till I'm in Malaysia.

just finished two riveting books, which really could not be more different.
The Dante Club, by Matthew Pearl.
The Sunday Philosophy Club, by Alexander McCall Smith.

This was the first novel of Pearl's that I have read.
I tried picking it up a few times last year, but found the language rather tedious and the plot a little too slow-moving for my liking.
However, I spotted it again in my school library, and recognising the cover and realising that here was a book I had started and never finished, I decided, what the heck.
Lets pick it up and go go go.
So I picked it up, and suddenly, I couldn't put it down.
It was thrilling, the murders, the poetry, the assimilation of all things Dante, the literary aspect and the language of the author.
Granted, the plot was a little slow at first, but if you peservere, all will be rewarded, because the plot picks up and accelerates like nothing before.
I now consider The Dante Club as one of my favourite works of modern literary fiction.
It is most excellently written, and is very noteworthy.

In comparison, The Sunday Philosophy Club is in fact my seventh or eighth novel by McCall Smith.
I quite enjoyed his Precious Ramotswe series [No 1 Ladies Detective Agency] and collected all the books in that series possible.
He has a very different, calm style of writing which I find very comforting.
Not literary, but quiet and philosophical, a nice contrast to The Dante Club.
The heroine of this new novel/series I find very endearing and interesting, with a moral and emotional background that very clearly defines her as a person.
The plot is nothing much, but as in most McCall Smith books, that isn't what grips the readers attention. [I guessed who committed the murder as soon as the murderer's character was introduced.]
Its the little mundane details of Isabel's life [the main character], which just makes you want to know more about her.
Why does she do the things she do?
Despite the obviously similar writing styles, this is quite different compared to the Precious Ramotswe books.
Different setting and times, one in Edinburgh and one in Scotland.
He is to be applauded for being to create two very distinguishable and unique female protaginists, both lovable and relatable.

Okay, I'm not sure if this sudden review of the books will be appreciated.
But anyway.

Tomorrow's the last day in Perth for the rest of the month until I get back from Malaysia on New Year's Eve.
This holiday is going to be hectic.
I have to meet up with old friends, and I used to think I didn't have that many.
Trying to plan this holiday and the times has been enough to change my mind though.
Now I have to figure out how to somehow fit in a lunch with Mrs. Rani and Poovan somewhere.

Ah, planning.
Wherefore art thou necessary?

by zhou.
people really have nothing better to do.

Starting time : 2.36pm
Name : priya!
Sisters : nada.
Brothers : one.
Shoe size : 7/8.
Height : 166cm.
Where do you live : Perth officially, but I consider Melbourne more of a home.
Favourite drinks : water. bandung. cincau. tea.
Favourite breakfast : nutri-grain with milk. or bacon.
Have you ever been on a plane : many times.
Swam in the ocean : yes!
Fallen asleep in school : countless.
Broken someone’s heart : no.
Fell off your chair : made it an art.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : no.
Saved e-mails : yes.
What is your room like : in perth? two single beds (one for sleeping, one for dumping clothes), a side table between the beds, one bookcase, one wardrobe and a very large dresser. peach walls. pink carpet.
What's right beside you : the chair I’m supposed to be sitting in, but can’t be bothered to get on.
What is the last thing you ate : bacon and vegetable fried rice. made by me.
Ever had chicken pox : yeah.
Sore throat : yes.
Stitches : no.
Broken nose : no.
Do you believe in love at first sight : nope. sorry li-wei ):
Like picnics : never been on one.
Who was the last person you danced with : adele & su.
Last made you smile : martina and candan’s emails.
You last yelled at : brother.
Talk to someone you like : don’t have a crush.
Kissed anyone : nope.
Get sick : so many times its not funny.
Talked to an ex : don’t have one.
Miss someone : now.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : never did.
What's under your bed : a vast expanse of carpet and shed hair.
Who do you really hate : no one, really. other than Edward Cullen.
What time is it now : 2.41pm

Q :Is there a person who is on your mind right now : Pamela and Mikella.
Q : Do you have any siblings : yeah. one.
Q : Do you want children : lots of! slave labour :D
Q : Do you smile often : yes.
Q : Do you like your hand-writing : enough.
Q : Are your toenails painted : yes.
Q : Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : beds are all beds.
Q : What colour shirt are you wearing : white.
Q : What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday : can’t remember. probably helping mom cook.
Q : I can't wait to : get back home!
Q : When did you cry last : two weeks ago.
Q : Are you a friendly person: you can assume so.
Q : Do you have any pets : no.
Q : Where is the person you have feelings for right now : New York. Q : Did the last person you held hands with you mean anything to you now? : I only hold hands
with girls, haha.
Q : Do you sleep with the TV on? : never.
Q : What are you doing right now? : keeping my temper in check.
Q : Have you ever crawled through a window? : yeah.
Q : Can you handle the truth? : usually.
Q : Are you closer to your mother or father? : both equally.
Q : Who was the last person you cried in front of? : Kiran.
Q : How many people can you say you've really loved? : that’s hard to say.
Q : Do you eat healthy? : no! only when I’m forced to.
Q : Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: don’t have an ex.
Q : Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : yes.
Q: How often do you go to church? : once in my entire life have I ever been to church.
Q : If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : myself.
Q : Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : I balance both out.
Q : Are you confident?: quite.

1. Wet the bed.
2. Play with that play-dough stuff.
1. finish skeleton of History IA
2. Clean the kitchen
3. Read McCall Smith
1. Buy myself a Porshe convertible.
2. Fund my education.
3. Buy Italy.
4. Write a book on how to become one.
5. Never work out a clothes budget again.
1. KL
2. Perth
3. Melbourne

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

raging hormones. @ 7:21 PM

days until I'm in Malaysia.

before I get to the interesting and very very juicy eye candy bit (yes i know you'll be able to scroll down, but please bear with me.)
after two years, I went back and logged in into my oldest MSN account there is.
just for thrills and frills, you know.
then I realised.
I have a blog on this thing!
On my MSN Spaces for that account.

Deciding to take the dangerous leap, I opened that blog, aged three years, predating my venture into the Science stream, or Form 4.
Oh god, it was excruciating.
To think I had even once ever written such things.
I should have never reopened that blog.

To drag someone else down with me, Neesha was a regular commenter on all blog entries, and I must say Neesha, be glad that no one else would ever have to read those again.
(Yes, I do not want to be alone in this embarrasment.)

But anyway, onto the main course.
Tagged by Kerrissa.

1. Compose a list of your top 15 sexiest famous men.
2. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
3. Post them in your journal.
4. Tag 15 people to do the same.
in no particular order.

1. Tom Welling
[He's just got that face, you know.]

2. Julius Becker

[This drop-dead gorgeous specimen not only modelled full time for Prada and Armani but also managed to scrape top results in college.]

3. Cillian Murphy

[Like Tom Welling, there's just something about him.]

4. Nicholas Hoult

[Fell in love first when watching Skins. His accent is tantalizing.]

5. Skandar Keynes

[I have always secretly loved Edmund. Skandar playing him really didn't help the obsession either.]

6. Cam Gigandet

    [All Tasha's fault. And that says everything.]

7. Andrew Brett

[This one is all Pathma's fault.]

8. Chace Crawford

[Nate might be pretty hare-brained, but he makes up for it all with that face.]

9. Mitch Hewer

[Gay Maxxie in Skins. But hot.]

10. Benoit

[That picture speaks for itself.]

11. Jason Behr

[Loved his character Caleb in Skinwalkers. Then looked at him closer.]

12. James Marsden

[C'mon. I mean. Its Cyclops!]

13. Steven Strait

[The only good point of Sky High]

14. Gaspard Ulliel

[If I open my mouth here, I'll start screaming. I love Gaspard.]

15. Rob Devita (the love of my life.)

[The only other male, besides Gaspard, whom I'd actually consider losing my virginity to.]

See all my pretties?


I tag whoever who wishes to do this.

Tash, I believe you're already on the way there.

Monday, December 8, 2008

sepulcher @ 7:41 PM

i just wrote a really long poem.
over 500 words.

its about someone,significantly older and very bitter, who had lent a younger person a helping hand, only to be scorned and spurned later.
the older person then curses the betrayer to never age, and rambles on about all the ills of never aging, never dying, and how the young person will suffer.
the persona also lists the ways and means that might help the cursed soul to end his torment, but tells the person not to hope.

why do I write these sort of things?
everytime I aim for something happy, I end up with this shit.


her body's not moving,
i'm assuming,
she's dead.

days till I'm in Malaysia.

And on that happy note, yesterday I went out and bought a Minnie Mouse sleeveless top and a faded denim vest.
What is it with JayJays and Disney clothes at the moment?
I walk in, and right into a rack of vintage yellow tops all stamped with Mickey's trademark grin.
Minnie was more my thing though, so I asked for it, and surprisingly enough, actually got it.
And my mother even agreed to buy me a Cue dress!
One of those dresses cost about ASD 200 each, but they are so gorgeous.

Thats the dress I want.
Thing is, I can only buy it after I get back from Malaysia.
Just in case I see something nicer back there.
But I highly doubt it, I mean, its Cue!

My dad has asked me to make a list of things I want to get when I go home.
Books, I've decided not to buy in M'sia because they're the same price, if not cheaper here, and anyway I have a suitcase full of books to finish reading before I go back to Melbourne.

  1. M.A.C. eyeliner. This I have to check out, I'm not sure if it'll be cheaper in Melb. If it's cheaper in KL, I'm grabbing one.
  2. Wedges. For summer.
  3. Flats. Because my current pair have nearly transclucent soles, I've worn them that much.
  4. Black pumps. Every girl needs a pair.
  5. Gladiators. Also for summer.
  6. Leather jacket. I've always wanted one.
  7. Long tops/shirt dresses. I like them.
  8. Purse. My current Liz Clairborne black purse has tomato sauce stains on them. Not very classy.
  9. Summer dresses. Because I have nada.
  10. Some sanity, yez pleeze.

I'm not that materialistic.
No, really.
But if I have the chance to buy some stuff, why not?

Friday, December 5, 2008

nevershout @ 12:26 PM

sometimes, I wonder why I just bring everything upon myself.
not once.
but again.
and again.
and again.
for seventeen years, the same mistake.

I just never learn.
I am useless.

days till I'm in Malaysia.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

days of dreaming. @ 9:25 PM

days till I'm in Malaysia.
[countdown for the benefit of ZhouPaikster]

Okay yes, I know.
Priya, where have you been this past week!
Fool of a Took.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a week, but I have been so tired/busy/occupied.
Quite a few events and first-timers have taken place, so prepare yourself for gruesome, unnecessary details.

Event 1: End of Year 11.
I know I'm hung up on the fact that the year has passed so quickly, but hey, it really has!
Last Friday was the last day of Year 11, the last day of so called 'laid-back' year, before the IB starts digging its heels into your heart and sending stress levels soaring with the workload of Year 12.
One last year of schooling, then off to university it is for this little Bo-Peep.
Quite depressing actually.
I mean, no more uniforms.
How will I breathe with the lack of conformity and fahion sense?!

Event 2: IB Nerdfest.
Exactly what it says up there.
IB cohort + dance music + BBQ = Nerd Fantasy!
Though about a quarter of the girls didn't turn up, it was hella fun.
Catherine's house was gorgeous, they even has this little Japanese style corner with sunken bamboo table and chairs that made you feel out of place without a kimono.
I had the opportunity of a lifetime to prance around and display my one and only Thriller routine, can you imagine, I was the only one who knew the moves?!
It wasn't really embarassing, I think GG and Adele were more embarrassed for me than I was, but really, who cared?
(Mikella would have been so embarrassed for me if she was there, but she wasn't!)
It is me after all.

Event 3: Biology Excursion.
The reason why my trip back home was delayed four days.
It was pretty okay though, though the guy who took us through the first part of the excursion and snorkeling was freaky, in a rather cool way.
His name was Harry, and he said that life was about maturing, sex, and death.
Well, gee, I would never had thought of it that way.
At one point, he was busy educating GG and I on the size of barnacles' penises, and was talking very intently about reproduction when he suddenly asked:
"In reproduction, what is the big 'F' word?"
GG and I just stared at him, mouths nearly hitting the rocky beach in horror. Then I went, tentatively:
He roared with laughter at our faces, we were kind of traumatised though.
(And yes, that was the right answer. Fortunately.)
Then we had to do a prac on tubeworms and their habitats.
Quite disgusting, I let Miki do the cutting up and bashing of the tubeworms, my main task was to ensure that the bristle worms didn't escape.
We went snorkeling afterwards, wasn't particularly memorable, except for the fact that we cam within 1.5 metres of baby seals!
They were soooo cute.

Event 4: Flight back to Perth. Nothing much, really. Planes and annoying busty stewardesses.

First-timer 1: Driving.
Drove for the first time.
God, it was stressful.
Its not that hard, really, except for the existence of the left kerb and stop signs.
I like putting the indicators on, they make such a satisfying clicking sound everytime!

First-timer 2: Fainting.
Yes, people, Priya fainted for the first time in her life.
My dad woke me up at 6 in the morning today to give me an injection for cervical cancer.
Stuck the needle in my arm, all was peachy keen. You know, the usual, I've gotten needles in me so many times its not funny.
Then he pulled the needle out, and pressed a cotton ball to the spot.
I looked up, and realised I could see coloured dancing flashes of light.
And the next thing I remember, I woke up on the couch two hours later.
I can't even remember how I fainted.
How will I be able to fake it next time?
People just don't think about these things.

Yeah, so that was my life in seven days.
Eventful or what?


a little bit gr33kish, off the beaten road.
falls through every promise and kisses every toad.
always on the wrong end of the rainbow.


ann nie


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