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Monday, August 31, 2009

make it simple. @ 8:30 PM

I want to tell you and you and you and you and you about everything that happened and everything that is happening but I can't because you'll judge me like you always do.

crossed fingers and legs that this will be alright.
tell me its alright.

day 1.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

gallows. @ 3:24 PM

hang me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

because if that is lost. @ 2:02 PM


because you don't.
can't pretend when I know, can't be that when I know, I see it coming, oh, velocity and momentum.
you're going to drown again.
you're going down again.

I'd write you a poem because sometimes you make me feel like I can do so much more than I really can.
let me be my own atlas, my world does not belong to you.

and when we speak of evolution in the broadest terms, I think of seven million years of accumulation of adaptations, all wasted on you and you don't even know I think it behind your back.
are you even real?
I'd like to touch you but when try you say not to, then when I draw away you call me back, you say 'touch me'.
but now I won't touch you what is there to touch between all these unspoken distances that stretch under the telephone poles; everything about this keeps us apart.

everything about this keeps us from each other; and that is why we want each other so much because its something we can never have.

and you'll read this and you'll think, this girl is in love, but thats wrong and it will always be, because there is nothing like love, and I always seem to miss out on everything that matters.

you can keep your love and all those thoughts that leak out slowly through that hole in your head that allows you to walk upright.
I'll stay between dusty bookshelves and make up stories to keep my hybrid of a brain running.

save the world.


a little bit gr33kish, off the beaten road.
falls through every promise and kisses every toad.
always on the wrong end of the rainbow.


ann nie


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