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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

duke. @ 9:38 AM

back in melbourne.

god, this feels good.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

when pigs fly. @ 12:50 PM

I was having a perfectly good night.
It was all going peachy and everything.
Dinner with the family, then a quick trip over to IGA for some groceries, and we were heading back home.

And suddenly, in the middle of the conversation, my father turns to my mother, and tells her in this low voice which surprisingly enough can be heard by my brother and I in the back;
"Darling, Priya bought some bacon,"


Immediately, the whole familial atmosphere just froze over, and went about 100 degrees southwards.

Anyway, now that I've recovered from that mental blow, here's the most adorable video ever.

Monday, April 13, 2009

what you wish for. @ 1:33 PM

A snippet from a text conversation with Pam who is in Barcelona at the moment.

"How's Spain?"
"Beautiful, with beautiful (on the inside) people, but its wet and cold and I'm sick. How's your, uhm, life?"
"I spend most of my time on my computer in my room with a large amount of unfinished homework. Not to make you jealous of course. Any hot Spaniards?"
"Are you kidding? What part of 'beautiful on the inside' do you not get? They are all short, squat and stocky. But very nice and well-mannered,"

Its moments like these which make me miss my best friend.

I was just thinking, while laboriously washing the dishes, about how different Melbourne was from Perth and how I couldn't wait to get back there because I could actually orient myself around Melbourne and not feel like a misguided homing pigeon.
I feel that that's an oxymoron, but that's what I feel like.

As the soap suds starting foaming a little, I realised, actually realised, that I live in Australia.
No seriously folks;
If you haven't noticed, I live in Australia.

Well, you probably have, but its taken me over a year and a half to actually understand that yes, I live in Australia.

Here's the thing;
When I was younger, and still a little crabstick in Malaysia, I was always fantasising about moving away, to another country.
Namely Australia.
I had this whole movie in my head where I'd move to Australia, become incredibly pretty because it was the Malaysian humidity that was affecting my complexion, develop a fantastic fashion sense, attract an iron-hold group of amazing friends, graduate, and go on to live a perfect life.

It never happens the way you want it to.

Become incredibly pretty?
I wish I could confidently check this box off with that red sharpie.
I can't, because like every other average female on this planet, I do have gripes with the way I look.
But I can say that my self-esteem level has risen because of better skincare and clothing style.
Which brings us to;

Fantastic fashion sense?
Maybe not fantastic, but improved?
In fact, I'm far out embarrassed, thinking about how I used to dress in my pre-Australia period.
And I only have my cling-clang little group of misfits to thank;
And that reminds me of;

Group of amazing friends?
One of the things that make me balk at the idea of going back to Malaysia is losing my friends in Melbourne.

So maybe I didn't get everything I wanted exactly the way I wanted;
But when I think about it now.
Maybe I did.

Friday, April 10, 2009

always a left. @ 5:00 PM

may I introduce you to my new god?

Meet M.A.C. Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation.
Now prepare to genuflect and worship.

Before I start this propaganda effort, I should probably begin by telling you about the first time I was actually allowed to take a bus in Perth by myself.
It began by me waiting at a bus-stand, getting on the bus, getting off the bus, and making my way to my destination (Westralia Square).
Amazingly simple and uncomplicated.
I wish my mother thought the same.

Anyway, I met my mother at her office, then while she did some bank stuff, I waltzed over to the end of Hay Street Mall where the other store of MeccaCosmetica was located.
To my dismay, even they did not have the Stila Smoky Eye Palette in stock.
Now I have to scout Melbourne; but even my beloved city might not have it.

My mother caught up with me, and I dragged her into David Jones so I could finally, finally get M.A.C.
She wasn't very impressed by my flourishing description of how M.A.C. was practically the Prophet of All Make-Up That Ever Was, Ever Is And Ever Will Be, but she took my word for it.
I, of course, being me and in essence careful about what exactly I spend on, had researched every single foundation out there, narrowed it down to M.A.C., then looked up all of the seven or eight types of foundation they had, and zeroed onto Studio Sculpt.

So I told the MUA that I wanted Studio Sculpt, but needed colour matching, and she agreed (obviously).
So I sat in a pretty black chair in front of one of those photoshoot sort of mirrors and let her pat away at my face, trying to find the perfect shade.
She found it, and it was beyond perfect.
I swear.
(I'm going to skip the rave revies for the moment though.)

Even my mother couldn't deny that it looked fantastic.
I decided to take advantage of that.

"So, Ma, what are you using now, Body Shop?"
"Yes, how did you know?"
"I saw the mineral foundation on your dresser. I hate mineral make-up, its too heavy and cakey,"
"You should get this M.A.C. foundation, Ma, I can barely feel like its there!"
"Yes, and it doesn't it look so good?"
"Well yes, it does,"
"So you should get one!"
"Umm...why not..."
[mother seats herself in chair and asks the MUA to match foundation for her skin tone.]

And that was how I managed to get my mother to buy herself M.A.C. foundation.
Turns out that our foundation shades are exactly the same, according to the MUA:
"It seems like your skin tones are very different, your mother's is more of a golden undertone, but you have much more warmth"
I'm not going to pretend I actually understand that, but okay.
So my mother got herself foundation and concealer while I practically leapt for the foundation and their liquid eyeliner.

My make-up wishlist now looks like this:
1. Stila Smoky Eye Palette
2.M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Foundation
3.M.A.C. Penultimate Eye Liner
4.Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer
5.Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush
6.Body Shop Foundation Brush

So, Priya, why are you so mad about this M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Foundation?

For a few reasons.

1. It feels as if I have nothing on my face at all. My former Body Shop make-up was a little cakey and heavy, and though I might not have looked like I was wearing a mask (I hope) I felt like I was wearing one.

2. It blends so perfectly well with my skin tone. All other foundations I have used or sampled, I could see the difference in the colour even as I diligently attempted to blend it into my skin. even with my Body Shop one, I always add a layer of dark pressed powder to ensure that it doesn't look fake.

3. It doesn't rub off that easily. I hate how I would put my fingers up to my face to brush a strand of hair of, and when I take my fingers away, the tips are stained with the colour of my make-up and foundation. And sometimes when I accidently brush against someone else's white sleeve, there's a telltale brown streak left behind. Not so with the Studio Sculpt. Of course my loose powder still smears sometimes, but not my foundation.

After all that, do you still need any more convincing?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

productiveness. @ 6:28 PM

is always relative.

anyway I spent most of today attempting to analyse why Chekhov did so-and-so for his set design and costumes, and the other half trying to get as much make-up as I could.
I'm sure noone here wants to hear about the details of the significance of pauses in the play The Cherry Orchard, so.

Dad took my brother and I to Garden City today.
(for the non-Perthians, that's practically the biggest suburban mall that Perth has. And its single story. Yes. I am deprived.)
My goal was to get all the make-up I could get today, and leave the M.A.C. stuff for when I actually went to the city tomorrow.

So I waltzed over to Body Shop and inspected their make-up and their new collections.
I wasn't too impressed with their colour selection for eye-shadows;
they didn't even have a shade of black.
I wasn't there for their eye-shadow though, I was there to obtain an eye-shadow applicator brush and a foundation brush.
Eye-shadow brush was $18 bucks and the foundation brush was $25.
Luckily I had done all my research on price tags way before.

So because I was a prepared little piglet, I made a beeline for the next stop, MeccaCosmetica.
There was this adorable gay dude who asked if I needed any assistance.
I didn't actually, I was there for two things; namely:
Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer
Stila Talking Smoky Eye Palette.
but he didn't know that and I decided to just humour the adorable gay dude (A.G.D.) and let him talk me through product reviews.
which he did admirably, but he was pretty much boycotted when I charmingly but firmly insisted that I was more interested in Philosophy than NARS.
I think I disappointed him, but oh well.
Life's like that.
And they were out of stock for the Smoky Eye Palette but A.G.D. tried to call up their other store on Hay Street for me to check if they had any left, though he couldn't get through.
I told him I was going there the next day though, so he just told me where the store was.
And started asking me about my weekend and things.
If only he was straight.

I attempted to look for the books I wanted in Dymock's.
But I was so disgusted when I realised that they also classified 'fantasy' under 'science fiction' that I couldn't stand it and had to walk out.
It's a matter of principle.

Anyway, this means that I can cross off three things from my make-up wishlist, and those are:
1. M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Foundation
2. Stila Smoky Eye Palette
3. M.A.C. Penultimate Eyeliner
4. Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer
5. Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush
6. Body Shop Foundation Brush.

I shall review all these products once I get them, with pictures.
I doubt anyone would actually read my make-up reviews, but oh well.
My blog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

luxurious maybe. @ 11:49 AM

Back in Perth.

I spent my weekend attending the two-day MedEntry UMAT seminar.
It was very informative and I actually got a lot for it.
also discovered that I'm not as stupid or hopeless as I seem.

What actually happened during the seminar between me and S is a whole different story, and not one I'm willing to go into now.
I know I mentioned S to one or two people who were online at the right time.
Pam called me yesterday from Paris and that was the second time I actually talked to someone about S.
The first time being with Jen who was at the seminar with me.
Pam is the last person who is going to hear about S.
So please don't ask.

To cheer myself up, here's a list of everything I want to get while in Perth this time around.

1. Princep's Fury by Jim Butcher.
2. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
3. The Silence of The Lambs by Thomas Harris

That's what I have so far.

1. M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Fluid Foundation. [$51] (Myers, Murray Street)
2. Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer [$42] (Myers, Garden City)
3. Stila Smoky Eye Palette [$42.50] (@MeccaCosmetica, Garden City)
4. M.A.C. Penultimate Eye Liner [$32] (Myers, Murray Street)
5. Eyeshadow [$18] and foundation [$25] brushes (Body Shop)

Because I actually do have some scraps of conscience, and they were activated after I scanned my compiled 'to-get' makeup list, I took out my amazing maths skeelz brain and realised that I plan to spend about $210 just on make-up.
My formal dress cost me $289.

I feel kind of bad; but hey.
The parents did say that they would get it for me.

Notice that I didn't bother calculating how much I'd spend on books.
That would be because I would spend a million bucks on books without batting an eyelash.
And this is an inherited attitude.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it was no joke. @ 1:05 PM


amazing joke last year in history with Rachel.
you had to have been there.

anyway, nothing really happened today;
even though I was expecting fireworks or something because it was April Fool's.
goes to show you can never rely on people when you need them the most.

I spent lots of time with my Joseph today.
as I always do when he's around.
he's amazing, cynical, and he gets my jokes.
and he has the cutest innocent puppy face I have ever seen.
okay, I lie, I have seen cuter ones, but who cares?

Its such a pity that Joseph is only eight years old.
ten years older and I would have married him on the spot.

but paedophilia aside;
he really makes childcare bearable for me.
what normal eight-year old knows how to use sarcasm?
and he's cynical, for god's sake.
he's EIGHT.
(turning nine on April 20th, I have to get him something. he is my favourite.)

For all the other kids in childcare, I have to be somewhat patronising.

"Oh Amy, that's a beautiful drawing you've got there!"
"Yes Xavier, that is the best paper aeroplane I have ever seen. Did you make it?"
"Of course not, Reanna, I think you're the most gorgeous girl ever!"

Not so with Joseph.

On a discussion of whether or not Ruby was the most adorable five-year old I've seen;
"Priya, I can't believe you actually think Ruby is cute. I think I'm cuter,"
"Joseph, anything is cute compared to you."
Joseph puts on aforementioned irresistible puppy-innocent face.
"Joe, that really doesn't work on me,"
"Doesn't it? It works on all the other teachers. Suckers,"

Does that even SOUND like an eight-year old to you?

If I have a son, I want a Joseph clone.
Please God, hear my prayer.


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