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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

toady. @ 6:32 PM

I couldn't resist posting this up.
Here is an extract of a conversation between Martina and I, hurridly scribbled and passed across to each other during Maths.

Martina; Priya

She has a boyfriend.
OMG. Rly? Who could put up with her?
EXACTLY. Who would ask her out at all? Who would consider it? Which escaped asylum pyscho?
Do you think he'll eat her? Or make her into clothing?
Or pickle her severed head, and keep the rest of her body in a funeral hearse in an abandoned storage unit?
Possibly. Though that really should have happened by now. Maybe he's also blind and deaf?
There was a Terry Prachett book where a toad had been enchanted into a prince. Maybe the same thing has happened here. I mean, like attracts like.
So you mean he's equally obnoxious and desperate? I find it hard to believe that its even possible.
I can't think for any other explanation, so for now, until a more suitable theory is proposed, they are both toads.

We never pretended to be amazingly nice people.
I'd be much prepared to put anyone who thinks so a-right.

Because I feel bored to death everytime my Spanish teachers asks us to write journal entries.
And I sit there in front of my computer staring at bloody idiotic Microsoft Word trying to find a way to describe my childhood in the most number of words possible.
Attempting to figure out the difference between indefinite past tense and definite past tense.
It feels like such a chore.

So me, with my brilliant ideas and innovative thinking, decided to come up with something that would make the Spanish journal entries less of a massive migraine.
Thinking deeply about what I could do to actually make me sit down and write in Spanish;
I hit a brainwave.

just blog it.

I don't have to post as often as I do with this one (if you could call my posting here 'often').
I just have to put something in at least once a week.
And it could be about anything I want.

Anyway, I made the blog, which is called Luminosa, and is in my links section.
I was having problems with Blogger and posting yesterday with both my blogs, so I haven't posted anything of substance yet.
But I shall later today.

I don't expect anyone to read it;
In fact, I'm sure no one will.
Aside from Mikella maybe.
But who cares?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

material lust. @ 1:12 PM

layout change!

I bought a new eyeshadow palette from Sportsgirl for 10 bucks, and a shimmer stick, also from SG, also for 10 bucks.

the palette has four different shades of bronze/brown, ranging from a dark mocha tone to a light champagne colour.
I had to get it as soon as I saw it, I mean really, it was dirt cheap, all the shades suited my skin tone and current neutral, minimalist mood.

there was this adorable make-up artist in the cosmetics section who offered to show me how to use it.
so she sat me down, and cheerfully babbling away all the while, she dabbed come colour on my eyes with the thinnest eyeshadow brush I'd ever seen.
she lined my top lids with glittering black-and-gold eyeliner. I was really pleased when she complimented me on how I had applied my staple liquid eyeliner to my bottom lids.
anyway, when I glanced into a mirror after she was content with what she had done to my face; it was really quite amazing.
I just wasn't too fond of the black-and-gold glitter thing on my eyelids, but of course, thats me in my whole nude/natural makeup phase.

what I loved though, was when she pulled out this shimmer stick thing, and dragged it down my cheekbones.
I don't use blush, because I think it looks strange when there's this sudden rash of pink across my cheeks, especially with my skin tone.
but I literally pounced on this product (Sportsgirl Cheekmate) when I saw how it looked on my skin tone.
there are two shades of this shimmer stick, and obviously I opted for the darker one.
however, its not that dark, its merely bronzy-ish and has pale pink undertones to it.
you're supposed to blend it on as you do a blush.
the shimmer stick is more creamy though, and much easier to blend across the facial features.
I love it though, because though it doesn't give me the pinkish sort of effect that an ordinary blush/cheek stain would, it adds radiance and glow to the apples of my cheeks, with a hint of a golden shimmer.
I prefer it over any other blush I've ever used.

I've been thinking.

its my eighteenth birthday this year, and traditionally, an eighteenth birthday marks the official passing from childhood to adulthood.
this usually means parents giving the new eighteen-year-old pretty fancy presents.

mikella waltzed into my room the other day with an array of Tiffany's jewellery that she was looking up online; and asked me my opinion of all the pieces she had shortlisted.
I gave her my due opinion, then asked her why she as looking up Tiffany's, of all things.
she replied that for her 18th, her mother had agreed to buy her something from Tiffany's. any piece she wanted, her mother would get.

my jaw dropped.
Tiffany's for her eighteenth?!
just... whoa.

but it got me wondering what I myself would actually like for my eighteenth.
the only thing I could come up with was M.A.C. makeup and a macro lens for my camera.
the makeup I can sort of buy without even needing to ask for it as a present.
the camera lens has already been promised to me without me needing to request it for my birthday.

hence, I have come to the saddening, yet somehow admirable conclusion that;
I don't want anything for my eighteenth.

but I feel like they'd be spending so much already for my seminars, and for my formal and all that.
I don't need or want anything else.

when my parents hear this, they'd probably faint with relief and astonishment.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm done having nothing. @ 5:20 PM

if you haven't realised, I spend all of my time online doing one of only five things online.

1. read ebooks.
2. look up the latest cosmetics and thier reviews.
3. blog.
4. flip through twilight parody comics.
5. browse photography.

it gives me great confidence to say that my social activities are vastly more varied.
I have at least seven 'safe' topics to discuss in polite society.

anyway, pam is leaving for her european art tour tonight.
staying up until 5am so I can see her off.
do you know what regally annoys the heck out of me?
the first thing people say when pam says that she'll be gone for four weeks is;
'omg, what will priya do without you?'

I know we're best friends and everything, but has everyone forgotten that I have a group of friends whom I love spending time with?
I don't rely on pam for spiritual guidance or breathing instructions.
I hate it that people immediately assume that I'm dependent on her in some way.
I have Miki, Jen, GG, Kiran, Serena and people in day school too.

actually, I am in fact the person in our little clique who is the least willing to go out on weekends.
I keep to myself alot, and stay cooped up in my room.
in fact, an entire day can go pass where I don't talk to Pam.
for god's sake.

I get annoyed pretty easily with people outside my friendship group.
as Jen so eloquently puts it,
'who do we actually like?'

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a touch of enchantment. @ 3:12 PM

review post.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

In one word.
But if I was to not restrict myself to only one adjective, I could go on and on and on.

Extremely witty repartee makes Butcher's modern fantasy series an absolute delight to read.
The main character, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (I know I could have just put it as Harry Dresden, but with a name like that, who would); is very close to my heart. Insolent, chivalrous, and however much he resents it; charismatic, Dresden plows through danger and delight alike with his rather raw approach to life.
The Dresden Files is a blend of magical fantasy and modern detective fiction, with the stories centering around Dresden, who offers his services as an investigative wizard.
I love how fresh Butcher's approach to this genre of fantasy is. Yes, he has vampires, yes he has fairies, yes, his wizard carried a staff, but to all these relatively overused elements, he adds a dimension to them that entrances the reader, pushing them into looking at these recycled elements with new eyes.
I, for one, am very sure that when someone ever mentions vampires, the first character to pop into mind is Butcher's suave vampire Thomas.
Sexy, sometimes conventional as vampires go, but has much more depth than any Cullen would ever be able to muster.

And it wasn't enough that The Dresden Files knock me completely off my feet, but after Butcher's inspiring writing, I decided to sample his more traditional fantasy series, The Codex Alera.
Boy, was I not disappointed.
If I allow myself to give into ranting about the mind-boggling amazingness of The Codex Alera, I'll never be able to finish this post.

So just take my word for it, walk out there, and build a shrine for Jim Butcher.
Because he deserves it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I swear. @ 9:50 PM

I'm trying.
I actually really am.

please please please try too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

it occurs to me that. @ 9:36 AM

Jason Mraz isn't all that bad looking.
with his boyish sort of charm.

but he's nothing.
I repeat.
on Oli Goodwill.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

letters in lipstick. @ 9:30 PM

anyway, someone asked me about my makeup, what I have and what I do with it.
so here goes.

in the spotty makeup bag.
(everything is from Body Shop unless otherwise stated.)

  1. foundation. because really, a makeup kit is nothing without one.
  2. concealer.
  3. pressed powder. I love pressed powder. I wear it daily, to school, if I'm stepping out. anywhere.
  4. loose powder. I have two different shades.
  5. blush. its not Body Shop, I don't know what it is. rose coloured, it was my mom's.
  6. brown lip gloss. to match my natural skin tone.
  7. three types of plumpy pink lip gloss. one brown lip gloss.
  8. two shimmer lip glosses. one from Body Shop, one from Red Earth.
  9. mascara, from L'Oreal. the double extension type.
  10. black pencil eyeliner, from Stage.
  11. black liquid eyeliner. my favourite of the lot.
  12. bronze metallic eyeliner.
  13. blue shimmer eyeshadow.
  14. gold eyeshadow.
  15. purple eyeshadow.
  16. eye makeup remover by Neutrogena.
  17. face and body brush. for misc.

[this is obviously non-inclusive of things like moisturisers and toners and all that, thats skincare, not make up.]


  1. always always always wash before before applying anything. then dry thoroughly, preferably pat dry.
  2. foundation first. my foundation doubles as a moisturiser so I don't worry about my skin drying out. I use a non-oil based one because my skin is naturally quite oily. I always make sure to check my hairline and the skin around my chin and the edges of my face to make sure that the foundation is properly blended. If you neglect this, it'll look like you have a mask on.
  3. concealer if I feel like it. on obvious spots and under the eyes.
  4. pressed powder. I feel that this adds a smooth texture that I can't really achieve with loose powder. If I'm feeling lazy, I stop here and go straight on to my eyes.
  5. loose powder (lighter shade). When I'm in a really dress-up mood, I brush my lighter shade of loose powder all over my face with the face and body brush I have.
  6. loose powder (darker shade). After the lighter shade is on the way I like it, I brush on the darker shade to emphasise my cheekbones and the bone structure of my lower jaw. To do this, I suck my cheeks in and smile. Its harder than it sounds, but the depressed area of skin beneath the apples of the cheeks is where I brush on the darker shade, and the hollows beneath my jaw.


  1. upper lid eyeliner. I don't always do this, but when I do, the upper lid always comes first. I use pencil eyeliner for my upper eyelid, because mistakes are easily covered up by smudging the lines.
  2. lower lid eyeliner. I can pull off full lower lid eyeliner because my eyes are large enough, and I love emphasising my eyes (not like there's any other option). I prefer using liquid eyeliner for the lower lid because its much darker and it stays on for longer. Black or bronze, either colour works depending on what I'm wearing.
  3. eyeshadow. very very very rarely do I apply eyeshadow. I don't use any particular blending technique, I just brush on whatever I feel like.
  4. mascara. upper and lower eyelashes both get smacked on with mascara. I try not to put too much one because I hate the way eyelashes look when they're all clumped together because of too much mascara. I have a double brush mascara, so one end is for lengthening and one end is for volume. If its a big night out, I use both, otherwise I stick to volume.


  1. lip gloss. I never use lipstick. I emphasise my eyes, which means that I tone down alot on my lips. I don't like lipstick anyway, it feels too heavy. I go for nude colours on lips, such as brown or light pink, or sometimes just white shimmer. If I use a nude colour and I want to add a little oomph to it, I dab white shimmer on my cupid's bow and down the middle of the lower lip, because thats where the light falls.

looking back at what I've written, it sounds like I spend ages and ages fixing my face. but really, I only spend a maximum of fifteen minutes on my makeup, nothing more.
I also realise that I do alot to achieve the natural look with makeup. Though I never use colours other than my skin tone on my face, except for parties and the like. Otherwise I stick to black and brown shades only, with nude for my lips.

It sometimes depends on what I'm wearing though.
for example, I wore entirely black for a friend's birthday party. black hair ribbon, black dress, and black pumps. to add a little something to it to avoid being too bland, I swept on bright sky blue eyeshadow to match the necklace I was wearing.
another time, I had on a purple top, a white scarf, grey skinny jeans, black gladiators and a pink chunky necklace. I avoided doing anything dramatic with my face, because it would have only looked trashy.

so yeah, thats what I spend fifteen minutes doing in front of the mirror everytime I'm about to go out.
non-inclusive of the time it takes to do my hair.

Monday, March 9, 2009

i bet you'd laugh. @ 10:42 AM

at the thought of me thinking for myself.

quite a bit has happened since I last bothered to tell anyone about it.
whatever to that.

scene at max brenner.

pamela and priya seated at the bar, with two guys on the other side, with pamela attempting to point one out to priya.

"check out that guy there"
"which guy?"
"the one wearing a jumper"
"...they're both wearing jumpers"
"no, one's wearing a hoodie, and one's wearing a jumper."
"okay, just tell me, the one on the left or the right?"
"its the one who isn't indian,"
"left or right?"
"that one, with the bagel"
"which one, the left or the right?"
"the one who looks more middle eastern,"
"the left or the right?!"
"on the right,"
"was that so hard?"

I have my formal dress.
It was a toss-up between a red full-length gown and a more casual cocktail party sort of black and white thing.
I love both.
but guess which one I chose.



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