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Friday, January 30, 2009

tofu and cooler blades. @ 2:29 PM

so today was the first day of school.
and I moved into swinburne apartments yesterday.

can I say, love?
I absolutely adore my room.
the whole apartment.
the location.
well, maybe the having to walk to school and use lockers (which I haven't used in a year) is a bit of a pain.
but thats nothing compared to staying here.
I think I'm going to hang around for term 2 as well.
only move back to tiddeman in term 3.

and my friends;
is it enough to say that they make me laugh like no one else can?
i missed them like shit.

and didn't fully realise it until I walked through the door of GG's room and straight into her suitcase.
and then jumped around in Kiran's room for a bit complaining having to lug my luggage to swinburne.
and actually hauled my 40 kilos of stuff down glenferrie with Jennifer, and stopping in front of every air-conditioned store for the cool air.
and lying on the floor with Miki watching 'indecent proposals' and complaining about how much we hate everyone in the movie.
and eating kimchi with Pam while dribbling food down my jeans trying to point out a passer-by I thought was hot.
and rolling my eyes at Serena's failed attempts to put a pedestal fan together.

pretty much missed them like anything.

first day of school was nothing remarkable.
i'm pissed about one thing with my timetable though.
but that one thing aside, I'm loving it.
i get two first periods off, once a week!
when i didn't have a single first free last year.

melbourne is a bloody heatwave though.
my face literally melted off.
45 degrees today.
and i don't have a fan or an air-conditioner in my room.
how painful.
and my bedsheets don't fit because the bed here is super-single, not regular single.


i really missed melbourne.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it is the east. @ 8:19 PM

school in two days.
sick of thinking about it.

mom is buying me a straightening iron.
because I'm not rebonding my hair again.
so I need a straightener for when I care.
instead of living off mikella like the parasite I am.

I'm happy and unhappy.

spoke to my twin for more than an hour on skype.
good fun.
I managed to slot in a bedtime story about giant monkeys.

I think I'm just unhappy.

I was tagged by Krissy.

DIRECTION: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

  1. I swallow gum. bubblegum, chewing gum. everything.
  2. I want to get into the university of cambridge.
  3. I just want to get into a university in england.
  4. I had an unhealthy obsession with black clothes. got over it though. bought something purple the other day.
  5. Despite how I may behave, I'm straight.
  6. I don't like talking to people.
  7. I can't stand awkward silences.
  8. I look up model sites and gawk at men.
  9. only one person in the whole world knows everything about me and understands me completely. you're not her.
  10. I've changed alot since moving to Australia; but you probably don't notice.
  11. I'm ace at telling people off.
  12. I hate the idea of lonliness.
  13. for once, I don't feel like I don't have enough.
  14. I like the cold.
  15. I've never seen snow.
  16. I love blindly.

me in less than 20 sentences.

this is why you could never understand.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

planning ahead gets over your head. @ 7:08 PM

one week till school starts again.
don't really want to go back to hell.

pam called, wanting to know the exact second of my arrival in melbourne.
she and miki would be taking the same flight, except mikella went and bought business class tickets while pam's in economy.
I laughed at their stupidity.

these two, by the way, are my flatmates and best friends.

god, the type of people I talk to.

but pam's call reminded me of all the things I'll actually have to do when I get to swinburne.
good thing is, pam and miki will already be in the apartment so don't have to worry about people opening the door for me.

actually, knowing those two, I'm still worried.

but when I get there; I'll have to:

thats about all I can think of for now.

I went shopping with the rents today at harbourtown, and surprisingly, they got me everything I asked for.
which was most everything I didn't get in m'sia.

  1. gladiators. wanted to get these in Malaysia, but couldn't find them and they aren't in fashion there.
  2. a purple loose top. wasn't planning on getting any tops, but I saw this one and it was so freaking comfortable. its from Dotti. I love the material.
  3. two cotton scarves. two scarves from Cotton On, one white and one black. the original price for one scarf was $20, but they were on sale and each scarf was only $2 instead! so instead of paying $40, I only paid $4. wasn't that amazing?
  4. a guess handbag. one of those huge ones that's cabin luggage in their own right. I really like it, I've been wanting a big tote bag thing for some time.

so, I'd consider today a day well spent.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pixie dust prevails. @ 5:10 PM

so obama's president.
yippee-hoo-haa or what?

at the rate I'm going; this blog is going to become the unfortunate site of my literary obsessions and frustrations.
maybe I should start another blog specifically for it.
but I'm too lazy.

and its not like anyone would care enough to actually read anything I review.
but since you're here, I'm going to tell you about the book I read.
so there.

for the Malaysian Young Writer's Competition, I won a couple of books and one of them happened to be Valiant by Holly Black.
its an extremely well-written book, and it is, as transcribed on the front cover of the book, 'a modern tale of faerie'.
in plain english, its about faeries.
yep; big deal Priya.
obsessing for two weeks about a book on faeries.

but the lovely thing about it is, the faeries are absolutely twisted.
dark faeries, not your resident garden Barbie dolls with wings.the main character, Valerie, or Val, ran away from home after walking in onto her mother sleeping with Val's boyfriend.
thats about as sick as it gets, people.
but the characters, the people Val falls in with, they're all real, right there, believable.
very relatable, and their presences are sorely missed when you finish the last page of the book.
the plot is good too; very different.
and its about faeries;

what more could you ask for?

I read Valiant in 2006; without realising that Holly Black also had another faerie book which she had written before Valiant.
and I found Tithe a day ago, to my immense pleasure.
didn't take me long to devour it and finish it.
again, Tithe is about faeries, but this book has a whole different tone in comparison to Valiant.
the story is less dependent on supporting characters and much more focused on the main character, Kaye, and her faerie love interest, Roiben.
I like it that its different in that sense, and that the characters are much different, so's the plot.

by the way, Holly Black wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles.
I didn't know that until I just googled her to get a picture of the cover art for Tithe.

/end of book obsession rant.

my uncle gave me ann Elizabeth Gaskell anthology of ghostly short stories.
reading that tonight.
after my study of anti-semitism.

now I have to go look for that sequel, Ironside, and read it.
gee, I hope you're happy, wikipedia.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

but the nuns are watching. @ 2:26 PM

in a rather amusing episode, my brother yesterday accidently sent an email to the West Australian Deputy State Solicitor.
who happens to be one of the top ranked lawyers in the state.
it runs in the family, the stupidity.
the email was meant for my mother; but oh well.
it was pretty hilarious.

I've been blog surfing, you know, just reading random blogs.
and it just struck me; the variety of things people actually talk about on their blogs.
without question, the one thing all bloggers had in common was that everything they blogged about was about or related to themselves.
[leaving out food, fashion and etc. blogs.]
and obviously, people only want to talk about themselves.
thats the whole point of a blog.

but the style of writing, content in relation to the author, mood, tone, flair.
the differences were mind-boggling.
reading about someone else's day is hardly very stimulating though, unless they have wit.
though, most people I know have little wit, and less common sense.
if they write about something other than their day; I'll read it.
some insight, some thoughts.
because to tell you the harsh truth, no one really cares if you went to school today and 'it sucked'.

another thing that was running rampant in quite a few of the blogs I skimmed through:
the denouncement of Israel for its treatment of Palestine.
understandable, considering current affairs; but really.
sometimes its quite over the top.
most times actually.

I can't say that I know enough to form an informed opinion of the matter, but bashing Israel and blaming them entirely is quite unfair, considering that they were provoked.
and al-Hamas was warned.
whether or not other actions were justified; I have to read up on that.
I'm doing my extended essay on anti-semitism anyway, by the end of it I'll have more than just an informed opinion on it.
I'll also have a 4000 essay to prove it.

I stumbled across the author Neil Gaiman's blog today.
I have no idea how I got there (story of my life).
but anyway; I started reading it, and enjoyed myself immensely.
he's as witty as the books the writes!
surprise surprise.

his blog was voted Best Literature Blog during the weblog awards 2008.

weblog awards?
and I thought I was strange for being enthusiastic when someone suggested I make a blog for Erich.
I eventually decided against it, to maintain Pamela's sanity.

Monday, January 19, 2009

going down. @ 4:55 PM


I must focus.

but its so hard to.
why am I so weak?

new layout too, if you haven't noticed.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

desperate. @ 1:28 PM

would you understand if I told you that there was only one place I wanted to be?

god forbid, I might never get in, the way I'm going about this.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

all night is alright. @ 7:12 PM

yesterday was my brother's 20th birthday.
so he gets three lines in my blog for it (talk about special mention).
happy birthday.

I'll be back in Melb in 12 days.
and I haven't finished all my work yet.
'damn' doesn't begin to cover it.
but oh well.
I'll just have to slog at it for the next 12 days.
so I can deal when I'm moving into Swinburne.

I'm really looking forward to Swinburne.
its a shame that GG and Kiran will be in Tiddeman.
but we'll be visiting pretty much everyday.
but I'll be in an apartment with Pam and Miki.
its pretty much a death sentence handed to me on a silver platter, but who says dying won't be fun?
Jen and Serena will be around too, but just not in the same apartment.
but I have to say, I love the apartment I'm assigned to.
its great!
my room doesn't really matter to me, Miki and Pam chose their rooms and I just took whatever the last one was.
typical of me, but yeah. I don't really care.
I got the room with the window.

I really, really miss my friends.

I have so much shit to do to apply to all the universities I want to apply for.
applications are sucking the life out of me.
why do I have to apply?
my lifelong dream is to work at a McD's drive-through counter, I don't have to go to university for that.

now for my literary whingings.

I finished the 12 leaked chapters of Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun.
The book that was supposed to be Twilight from Edward's point of view.

In my opinion, Midnight Sun is a helluva lot better than any of the other vampire books that Meyer has written.
It had a little more depth and insight than the rest, and Edward is far more believable as a character for some reason, when looking at the whole thing from his point of view.
Less like a Mary Sue, and more like a character with a partially realistic personality.
Its still not great, considering the language, plot and characters other than Edward, but it was entertaining.

It really is a pity that that had to be the book that she'd refuse to continue because it got leaked.
Wish that had happened to Breaking Dawn instead.
But I hear that Meyer will continue Midnight Sun in a while.
If she did, I might actually consider buying it.


Maybe not.

Another fantasy series which had caught my eye on a list of Meyer read-alikes is the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
After reading the two first books in the trilogy (third book hasn't been released yet), I am utterly, and completely obsessed with the series.

Clare is not at all a Meyer read-alike, I am disgusted that they would compare them.
The characters in her books are pure genius; Clary, the main character is entirely 3-D and lovable.
Jace is gorgeously grating, Isabelle is annoying but endearing, Simon just makes you want to sweep him up and plant kisses on his cheeks.
The twist at the end of the first book broke my heart - I desperately want Jace and Clary to be together.
I just desperately want Jace.

The plot isn't particularly stunning, its entertaining because of the contribution of the medley of rich characters.
Though I confess I object to quite a few of the plot twists and suspense, because of personal emotional investment in the characters now.
The antagonist is a little disappointing, because he's not that much of a villain in my eyes; he's a believeable villain I suppose, but I think he has to be more evil.

The three books in the series are City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass.
City of Glass coming out end of March 2009.
can't wait for it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cauterize. @ 8:48 PM

and if today already wasn't bad enough of a corrosion on my spirits.
it just had to be exacerbated.

now I remember what it felt like to want to just die so badly.

but if I die.
I can't prove myself wrong.

so with anyone who read this as my witness;
here I now swear.
to be strong.
to not give up, no matter how magnetic the temptation.
to try.
to wake up in the morning without that aftertaste of a feeling knowing that I would fail myself again.

beginning now, I will be different.

I have tried to change, many times throughout the past five years.
but never before have I realised the impact of my actions on my life.
thanks to me, and my hedonistic abandon;
I have wasted an entire year.

now I might never achieve that dream of mine.

oh how bitter your soul!

despite the promise I made myself to not swear on this blog.
I am very sorely tempted.
I have a pretty good self-esteem.
but that doesn't mean I don't hate myself.
I do.
hate myself, I mean.
because I, among other things.
a liar.
undeniably, and decidedly weak.
hate me for it.
because I cannot bear it anymore.

Friday, January 2, 2009

all good things. @ 2:23 PM

new year's resolutions are so overrated.
they only hold significance for a day.

i didn't blog on the first day of the year, oh! what a tragedy.
not really.
all these 'new starts' and 'forget about yesterday' things just aren't for me.
because i know that switching calenders, for me, really doesn't change anything.
its a new year.
so what?

on the first day of the new year;
we went to temple.
my dad moved the portable air cond from his room to mine. made my entire day.
watched Taken (Liam Neeson). was excellent!
had lamb soup.
played music to watch boys by.


i suppose that even i have some hopes and dreams for 2009.
i mean, it is my eighteenth year, and my last yea of proper schooling.

  1. get into cambridge.
  2. do well for my IB. (which would be obviously needed if i wanted to get into cambridge)
and thats about it.
i don't have anything emotional or familial to achieve.
obviously, do i ever have any goals of that sort?
i don't.
my eighteenth year is finally here, after all that whining and scringing.
after my thirteen year old self lusted for so long, so very long for this year.
whats so great about it, now i ask myself.
what is?
i'll just be a year older.
nothing great about that.
just three more years to the end of my teenage life.
now that;
that is depressing.


a little bit gr33kish, off the beaten road.
falls through every promise and kisses every toad.
always on the wrong end of the rainbow.


ann nie


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